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AEU Announces 2011 Safety Award Winners

Aug 3, 2012
Annual awards program recognizes the strongest safety programs in the maritime industry

The AEU 2011 Safety Awards were presented at the annual American Longshore Mutual Association (ALMA) Conference in Grand Cayman on July 30, 2012. The awards are given each year to the best performing ALMA members nationwide and are based on the number of accidents and the severity of accidents for each calendar year. 

The award is an acknowledgement that these companies are leaders in the most important aspect of business operation – protecting employees from injury or death. This is the one effort that should lead all others as businesses strive for improved results and better performance.

Three safety award winners are presented in both the marine cargo handling and shipyard industries.

Marine Cargo Handling
International Transportation Service, Inc.

Marine Cargo Handling
Levin Enterprises, Inc.

Marine Cargo Handling
Schaefer Stevedoring, Inc.

Shipyard Safety Award
Signal International, LLC

Shipyard Safety Award
Candies Shipbuilders, LLC

Shipyard Safety Award
Signet Maritime Corporation

Congratulations to these recipients! 

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