Leadership Training and Development

Many employers do not have the experience or in-house resources required to successfully design and implement effective leadership development and training. That's where AEU LEAD comes in.

Every supervisor deserves the opportunity to become a great leader. AEU LEAD® can help. 

AEU LEAD provides leadership development to middle and frontline managers responsible for driving successful organizational strategies. Our mission is to empower these individuals with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to excel in their roles as leaders. We provide a range of services including training programs, coaching, consulting, and more. Through our efforts, we enable transformation by helping organizations reach their full potential through effective leadership development.

Our approach emphasizes the importance of understanding the context within which leaders make decisions. We understand that each situation is unique and requires tailored solutions based on a deep analysis of organizational dynamics, culture, and goals. We believe that no two situations are alike so our team uses an evidence-based approach to determine what works best for each client's needs. This allows us to develop customized plans to yield lasting results for your organization’s success.

Learn more about our core training opportunities available below, and let us help you build better leaders. 

Supervisor Development

Our Supervisor Leadership Training and Development Program is the result of more than 30 years of operational experience involving thousands of interactions with front-line managers to identify and understand skills critical to their success.

At AEU LEAD, our team helps organizations develop and grow their supervisors with supervisor leadership training workshops that produce the people skills critical to success. 

Coaching and Support

AEU LEAD's goal is to develop and grow your supervisors. We utilize various supervisor and leadership coaching tools and custom-tailored techniques to support and help evolve your leaders. Coaching and support services include access to the AEU LEAD podcast, leadership-focused blog articles, surveys, field assessments and employee interviews, coaching and mentoring programs, strategic planning, and guest speaking services. 



Training that fits your schedule

We can provide training in various formats to fit your unique needs. Our courses are designed specifically for leaders in the maritime industry, which we know can be fast-paced and diverse. Virtual training can also be self-paced through our Online Learning Academy.


Interested in learning more? 

If you’re an ALMA member interested in learning more about AEU LEAD's unique approach to leadership training and development, contact us to learn more.