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Terry Guidry Named to Marine Chemist Qualification Board

Jun 12, 2019

The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. (AEU), the leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance for waterfront employers, announces that senior loss control manager Terry Guidry has been named as the insurance industry representative and Chairman of the Marine Chemist Qualification Board (MCQB).

The MCQB is made up of members from various sectors of the maritime industry and government agencies and is appointed by the Board of Directors of the National Fire Protection Association. The board’s role is to approve the Marine Chemist's Recertification, the Registration to become a Marine Chemist Trainee and the Initial Certification of a Marine Chemist Trainee as well as address occurrences and rule changes.

“The MCQB is critical to ensure the criteria for becoming a Marine Chemist are maintained,” said Jimmy Burgin, senior vice president and director of loss control at AEU. “With representation on the MCQB, we gain insight into the regulations governing the maritime industry and have a sounding board for any concerns effecting maritimeTerry Guidry

Guidry joined AEU in 2010 and currently serves as a senior loss control manager. Prior to joining AEU, he served as the corporate safety director for a large shipyard with 12 locations. Terry is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist and served as the shipyard representative on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Negotiated Rule Making Committee for Subpart “P” Fire Protection for Shipyard Employment. He attended Nicholls State University, where he studied safety engineering operations.


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