Situational Awareness Program

ALMA members have exclusive access to the LOOK situational awareness training program. 
AEU LOOK: A Situational Awareness Program

In safety, awareness is everything. 

Situational awareness is knowing what is going on around you and determining whether any health and safety threats exist. AEU's LOOK program can help an employee enhance their situational awareness by performing a few simple exercises and training their sensory and information processing skills.

LOOK is a situational awareness program from AEU designed to help maritime employers create the safest possible work environment for their employees.

By focusing on four core elements of situational awareness - listen, observe, orient, and know – the LOOK program helps workers understand their immediate environment and enables them to make decisions that keep them safe.

The entire training program is designed for easy comprehension and may be done through a series of field safety meetings, in a classroom setting, or in new employee orientation.



Learn to train your hearing to ensure forklift and other equipment doesn't become background noise.



Learn to make observations to look for any potential hazards.



Focus on how to orient oneself in relation to any hazards. 



Utilize the first three elements to know whether you are in any danger from a hazard. 

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