AEU's LOOK Program Helps Employers Reduce Incidents by Increasing Situational Awareness (Webcast)


  • Bobby Anderson, Loss Control Manager, AEU
  • Christian Murillo, Loss Control Manager, AEU
  • Ray Ruiz, Loss Control Manager, AEU

Original recording date: July 24, 2020

Duration: 17:05 minutes


Situational awareness is the ability to sense hazards in your environment while continuing to conduct normal activities and be productive. Essentially, it's paying attention to your surroundings. Most incidents in maritime facilities can be avoided by simply improving the situational awareness of workers. In this webcast, three of AEU's loss control managers -- Christian Murillo, Bobby Anderson, and Ray Ruiz -- discuss the factors that impact situational awareness and how it can be improved. They also give an overview of AEU's LOOK program, which ALMA members can implement in their facilities to start reducing workplace incidents today.

By viewing this webcast, you will learn:

  • The factors that impact situational awareness
  • What is AEU's LOOK program
  • How ALMA members can implement AEU's LOOK program in their facilities


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