Don't Blame Gravity: Avoiding Hidden Costs of Same-Level Falls (Webcast)


  • Jason Lake, CSP, Loss Control Manager, AEU

Original recording date: September 22, 2020

Duration: 25:35 minutes


In 2019, 19% of all ALMA claims were related to slip, trip, and fall injuries -- and 80% of those were same-level falls. Safety programs often focus on falls from heights, where there's a high risk of death or serious injury. But data shows that same-level falls are also dangerous and can be costly for employers. In this webcast, AEU loss control manager Jason Lake looks at fall injury trends, as well as some case studies where root-cause analysis was used to identify corrective and to prevent falls long-term.

By viewing this webcast, you will learn:

  • Fall injury trends
  • Corrective found using root-cause analysis
  • How to prevent falls long-term


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