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The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. The American Equity Underwriters, Inc.

AEU Virtual Forum

It’s About People: Build Loyalty Through Employee-Focused Leadership, Safety, and Claims Practices

May 3-14, 2021

Your employees all want the same things: a safe workplace, intentional leadership, and a sense of accomplishment. For them to feel engaged, they need to know their work is meaningful to the mission and operations of your company.

Studies show that engaged employees are more productive and work more safely. This means that by focusing on your people and involving them in decisions, you enhance output and retention while reducing incidents and claims costs. Join the AEU Virtual Forum as we showcase actionable tools to improve your safety program, claims handling processes, and organizational leadership in a way that drives a more engaged and reliable workforce.

New in 2021: On-Demand Sessions

We’ve made our Virtual Forum schedule even more flexible! View sessions during a time that works for you. Sessions will be available on-demand for a two-week period for registered attendees.

Forum Sessions

Improving the Employee Experience through Active Engagement

Does your company struggle with employee retention, low morale, and low productivity? Lack of employee engagement plays a critical role in these common issues companies deal with on a daily basis. In fact, more than 70% of employees are either not engaged or actively disengaged. In this presentation, Woody Collins will discuss three key components of increasing employee engagement by improving the employee experience.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to offer meaningful opportunities to employees
  • Understand how showing value and appreciation can drive engagement
  • Learn the important keys to giving feedback
Woody Collins

Woody Collins
Program Manager, AEU LEAD

A Vision of Safety Excellence

Do you know where your organization is on its journey to safety excellence? Do you know where to go next and how to proceed? How would you like to stop thinking… and start knowing? Based on work with the best safety-performing organizations across all major industries, ProAct Safety has identified four commonalities among the most excellent organizations in safety performance and culture. Shawn Galloway will examine these four components in detail and explore how they synergize to produce excellent, sustainable results.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn the four things that companies with excellent safety performance and culture have in common
  • Learn how these four things work together to create optimal safety results
  • Learn practices you can implement to improve safety performance
Shawn Galloway

Shawn Galloway
President, ProAct Safety, Inc. 

Today’s Version of Health & Safety: New OSHA Standards around COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented a new world of challenges around keeping employees safe and well and as employers, we must provide the solutions. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has outlined new precautions and processes that must be undertaken in order to protect employees in light of COVID-19.

In this session you will learn about:

  • OSHA’s current COVID-19 guidelines
  • Additional precautions you must take to protect your employees from COVID-19
Christian Murillo

Christian Murillo
Loss Control Manager, The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. 

Greg Oehling

Greg Oehling
Loss Control Manager, The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. 

Improving Access to Care: Adopting a Virtual Approach to Musculoskeletal Care Management

COVID-19 has brought about a transition to virtual care in many aspects of medicine, though offerings in the musculoskeletal space remain limited. In the United States, 1 in 2 workers has a musculoskeletal problem. Dr. Benedict Nwachukwu and his team at Best In Class Medical Doctors (BICMD) are addressing these challenges head-on by providing virtual, on-demand access to leading orthopedic physicians across the country.

In this session, Dr. Nwachukwu will discuss:

  • The musculoskeletal needs of a workforce and where current offerings fall short
  • Why expert access to medical opinions is valuable to employers
  • How companies can take a digital approach to improving the quality of musculoskeletal care afforded to injured workers
Dr. Benedict Nwachukwu

Dr. Benedict Nwachukwu
CEO, Best In Class Medical Doctors (BICMD)

Cracking the Code on Lower Back Injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1 in 5 on-the-job injuries involves the lower back. On average a lower back injury will take an employee out of work for 14 days, which profoundly impacts productivity and carries an expensive price tag along with it.  Additionally, these injuries can have a detrimental effect on the worker’s quality of life and long-term health.

In this session, Dr. Rindal will cover:

  • Innovative strategies for preventing lower back injuries before they occur
  • How to build a more resilient workforce through proper training 
Dr. Kevin Rindal, DC

Dr. Kevin Rindal, DC
CEO & Co-Founder, Vimocity

Better Tools for Better Claims Care

In early 2020, AEU announced the launch of a new claims management platform through a partnership with Origami Risk. With this tool, ALMA members have access to more customizable features, access to detailed reporting, and an overall better user experience. Additionally, this partnership grants injured workers access to claims information via mobile app directly from their phones. By using these tools, you and your employees are better able to manage open claims and work closely with AEU to achieve resolutions that work for all parties.

In this session, you will:

  • Receive an overview of the Origami Claims Management platform and injured worker mobile app
  • Review sample Origami claims reports available to ALMA members
  • Gain insight into enhancements and offerings that AEU and Origami are working towards
Will Scheffler V2

Will Scheffler
Senior Vice President, Director of Claims, The American Equity Underwriters, Inc.

Erica Janssen V2

Erica Janssen
Vice President, Claims Management, The American Equity Underwriters, Inc. 

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