Our History

AEU has operated for over twenty years.  It began as a wholly-owned subsidiary of one of the largest and oldest maritime services companies in the United States.  The mutual company concept appealed to them because of the lower expense load, since the model is not designed to help drive the stockholders stock price.

AEU employees are experts in United States Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act insurance, State Act Workers’ Compensation insurance and Maritime Employers' Liability required by waterfront employers. Many of the founding employees of AEU came from Loss Control. We look at the world by how it affects the member, not how much money the insurance company can make. This means that we are genuinely concerned about how to help the member control their USL&H costs.

Since AEU began managing American Longshore Mutual Association, Ltd. (ALMA) in 1997, the membership has grown to include over 900 members located across the United States, and it is currently one of the top markets for Longshore in the United States.

In 2007, AEU was purchased by AmWINS Group, Inc., a specialty insurance distribution firm based in Charlotte, NC.   This partnership enables AEU to provide customers with an even broader range of products and services to meet their insurance needs. To learn more about AmWINS Group, Inc. click here