Loss Control Approach

Safety and savings aren't mutually exclusive.   

Keeping your employees out of harm's way is only costly when you don't. AEU's Loss Control Managers are there to ensure that you do.  

The impact of culture and leadership within your company cannot be emphasized enough. By engaging our member’s upper management through our Leadership Support Services, AEU has taken a bold step toward creating safer members. Because a robust safety culture begins at the top safety can no longer be just the responsibility of the safety manager.

AEU Loss Control staff is comprised of safety experts from the Longshore industry, many of whom previously worked as safety managers for the industries that we insure. So they have firsthand experience with the challenges that members face.

ALMA members benefit from the AEU Safety & Claims Forum, mock OSHA inspections, accident prevention training for supervisors, online loss control services including tool box talks, inspection forms and sample safety and health manuals, so members have access to multiple safety services and resources, resulting in reduced claims which directly impact the member’s bottom line.

Leadership roles occupied in the Longshore and Safety industries by our Loss Control experts allow members to access leaders in the industry and up-to-date industry news as well as excellent networking opportunities.