AEU Safety Awards

AEU Safety Awards are given to ALMA members in recognition of their commitment to workplace safety. Since 2007, AEU has annually recognized operations with the most effective safety programs in the maritime industry.

Members are ranked within each category using the rate of on-the-job injuries as well as the severity of those injuries, which is the combined with the company’s AEU Safety Score as determined by their AEU Loss Control Manager.

The AEU Safety Score is based on management commitment to safety, supervisor participation in the safety program, safety program effectiveness and implementation of prior AEU safety recommendations.

At AEU, we truly believe that being safe as a company is a team effort, and it’s not just the job of the safety staff. It takes each employeemaking that commitment and taking those extra steps every day in order to stay safe.


Announcing the 2016 Safety Award Winners (Click to view full press release)



Corn Island Shipyard Inc.

PATTI Marine Enterprises Inc.


DPH Holdco, LLC

Watco Companies LLC

Team Services LLC

Offshore Industry

Shamrock Energy Solutions

Most Improved

NSC Technologies LLC

General Maritime Safety Recognition

Terminal Equipment Services Inc.


2016 Safety Award Video

2016 safety Award Video


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