Underwriting Approach

We're Proud to Say Our Rates Have Absolutely Nothing in Common with Socialism

We underwrite creatively to give members rates based on their own performance, so they’ll never have to pay for the losses of other members. The safer their workplace, the lower their rates. What a concept.

For more than 20 years AEU has worked with members to drive down their USL&H costs. Our underwriters understand waterfront exposures and hard-to-place risks.

As a program administrator of ALMA, AEU serves to protect and strengthen the members of ALMA. Their interest is our interest. We do not serve stockholders nor independent owners, but only our members.

We are innovative and nimble, unencumbered by state regulations and big company bureaucracy so we can provide unique, equitable solutions that meet our members’ challenges with success.

AEU Underwriters partner with our in-house Loss Control Managers and Claims Specialists on pricing teams to ensure that a commitment to safety and reduced claims costs is rewarded by reduced premiums.

We specialize in Longshore insurance – it’s all we do. So members can rest assured professionals with true expertise are managing their unique maritime exposures.