Claims Approach

We resolve claims quickly and efficiently, with less expense, which results in reduced loss ratios and more competitive rates.

Low Claims Caseloads
Our claims specialists’ caseloads are limited to 70 to 75 – more than half the industry standard – so they can put their full attention on taking care of your most important asset: your people. They have the time to focus on resolving claims quickly and cost effectively, while staying in regular communication with the employer, injured employee, and medical providers.

In-House Claims Handling                 
Because our members’ claims are handled in-house, our team of claims specialists focuses on best possible outcome of a claim – not profitability. When outsourced to a third party, claims become a source of revenue. Since our employees don’t have a financial incentive to extend the life of a claim, we’re able to close them quickly and efficiently. Also, whether a policy is covered under USL&H, State Act, or MEL, there is a one dedicated claims specialist focused on handling jurisdictional issues cohesively and negotiations transparently.

Online Claims Management System   
York Claims Expert (YCE) is our secure and confidential web-based claims management system that enables employers to view claims detail in real-time, including notes, reserves and payments. The system also generates reports to help members identify accident trends and implement control measures. By staying informed and educated about claims, members are empowered to be an active participant in the process.

Medical Management
Focused on best-in-class medical services, optimal medical outcomes, and medical cost savings, AEU’s fully-dedicated medical management unit works to drive down medical claims costs for members while ensuring a higher quality of care for their employees through a more holistic practice of managing claims.