Claims Approach

We don't farm out claims because last we checked, there's no farming in Longshore.

Outsourcing claims wastes time and money. So we don't do that. We handle claims in house, and our specialists' caseloads are 50% less than the industry standard. That means more time to take care of members. 

Our Claims Specialists are employees of AEU and do not operate as a profit-center nor are they outsourced under a time and expense arrangement. So they control the tempo of the claim, and with no financial gain to be realized, they are focused on the most cost effective outcome rather than delaying the process to increase revenue.

AEU maintains the lowest Claims Specialist caseload in the industry so Claims Specialists are enabled to handle claims thoughtfully, thoroughly and with a sense of urgency, which results in a consistent reduction in the average cost per claim each year.

USL&H, State Act and MEL claims are all handled under AEU’s governance, so there is no finger pointing, jurisdictional issues are handled cohesively, and transparent negotiations are made for the optimal outcome.

In 2015 cost savings through AEU Medical Bill Review has amounted to over $36M, AEU Pharmacy Benefit Manager Program net savings is over 48% and subrogation recoveries and reserve eliminations have amounted to over $35M, so ALMA members experience the benefit of a partner fully engaged in adding hard dollars to their bottom line.

AEU provides iCE – an online Claims Management System for the member to track claims in real time with complete disclosure so members are informed, educated and empowered to be a participant in a transparent claims process.

AEU is represented on the Board of Directors for Loyola’s Annual Longshore Conference, so our claims leadership is respected and dedicated to remaining on the forefront of any changes affecting the Longshore Act as well as allowing us a voice in the direction of this best in class Conference.